Currently in progress

Snowkiting, kitesurfing, sailing, running and cycling will follow.


Trofeo PORSCHE on board

GPSformula for the Porsche event on Rambla beach.
June 29-30 2019.



Stage Federazione Gizzeria

GPSformula for the Stage Federazione on Gizzeria.
July 21-26 2019.

Stage Federazione Gizzeria


Private Event: Jsea Crotone

GPSformula for the Private Event on
Jsea Crotone.
July 2019.

Private Event Jsea


Private: Pescia Romana

GPSformula for the Private Event on Pescia Romana.
July 5-7 2019.

Private Event Pescia


Stage Federazione Vada

GPSformula for the Stage Federazione on Vada.
June 14-19 2019.

Stage Federazione Vada


Lago della SolidarietĂ 

GPSformula for the social: ConSLAncio & 20Side event.
June 15-16 2019.

Lago Trasimeno


GPS Formula - CKI Rimini

GPSformula for the hydrofoil CKI Rimini 2019 event.
May 24-25-26 2019.

CKI Rimini 2019


Contest Hydrofoil
Rambla-Marina San Nicola Race

GPSformula regatta for the hydrofoil. Challenge your friends on pre-fidex route. It's know also as "GranClassica"



GPS Formula GPS - CKI Talamone

GPSformula for the
hydrofoil and TTRace
CKI Talamone event.
May 10-11-12 2019.

CKI Talamone May 2019


FoilPride 2019 Gps Race

GPSformula for the best FoilPride! Special guest in this edition of the historic event. Distance GPS race (TT & HF), IromMan and speed race.

FoilPride 2019 Capalbio


Personal Event

GPSformula for the Private/Personal Event. Challenge your friends. Distance GPS race (TT & HF), IronMan and speed race.

Private Event


Hydrofoil Marine Village

The GPS formula project for Hydrofoil in the
Marine Village
Kite Marathon Roma 2019 event!

Hydrofoil Marine Village 2019

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Snowkite online contest

We are ready with Snowkite and we will open a window for an online contest that will stop on April 20th.

Snowkite ranking


Snowkite Freeride

No rules. No time. We are a free spirits. Any device. Start your gps and go! No penalty. All meters turn in points!

Freeride ranking

Hall of fame GPS Formula Contest 1 2019

Top riders

The Winners

Snowkite Contest Gps Formula
fixed time

untill april 20

Rider Rank Race Start Rider Spot Net
1 2019-03-30 felix Norway 2.097.425 Info/
2 2019-03-30 felix Norway 639.511 Info/
3 2019-03-03 EmanueleBattisti Norway Skulevika 607.857 Info/
4 2019-03-08 EmanueleBattisti Norway - Laegreid 576.887 Info/
5 2019-03-08 Alba Norway - Laegreid 548.621 Info/

Snowkite Contest Gps Formula
free time

untill april 20

Rider Rank Race Start Rider Spot Net
1 2019-03-02 EmanueleBattisti Norway-Skulevika 938.045 Info/
2 2019-03-04 EmanueleBattisti Norway Ortoren 874.789 Info/
3 2019-03-04 Alba Norway Ortoren 868.263 Info/
4 2019-03-09 EmanueleBattisti Norway - Dyranut 735.874 Info/
5 2019-03-05 Alba Norway - Skulevika/Dyranut 655.445 Info/

Snowkite Contest Gps Formula

until april 20

Rider Rank Race Start Rider Spot Net
1 2019-03-07 simoneb Plateau Emparis 255.270 Info/
2 2019-03-17 mastax Lunghin-Roccabella 249.011 Info/
3 2019-03-17 simoneb Plateau Emparis 240.311 Info/
4 2019-03-28 Caldani Pratello 123.061 Info/

All tracks ranking

The Winners


From the heaven

GPS Formula gallery

Latest from us

Stay tuned! We will announce the news here. Its time to play!

Our mission

Provide a training tool to promote training sessions and competitions everywhere and anytime.
Support event organizers as an extremely powerful scorekeeping software.
With these data we have created different formulas for competition and training.
Choose yours and start competing!
The system is already up and running for snowkiting, hydrofoiling, TTR and Windsurfing.

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What we calculate

- wind direction
- your wind angle through the VMG
- your maneuver, Tack or jybe and how fast you perform it based on speed and success rate
- Top speed detected on a 400-meter stretch on each session you load
- lenght of you session
- average speed
- Ascent
- Extremly points of the track (means how far you can go fro the starting point)
- Area
- External perimeter
Have fun!

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To date, the GPS formula project is free for participants. The jackpot has been made available by some sponsors. We hope that other partners can support the project.

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