Hall of fame GPS Formula

Hydrofoil Open contest

Event open

Rank Rider Points
#1 WillCyr1 55
#2 Bevero 87
#3 fabriberna 110
#4 Nicolomagrograssi 111
#5 GunnarBiniasch 130

Score system
Ranking as a points for:
Best400 speed, Best Distance, Best Num Switch Good, Best Switch Speed, Best Switch Quality, Best avg VMG.
The minor wins
Open contest

Hydrofoil Long Distance

Event open

Rank Rider Points
#1 Bevero 80,75
#2 fabriberna 59,80
#3 GunnarBiniasch 56,53
#4 itamc184 52,58
#5 Loenzoboschetti 49,11

Score system
Points for the distance: min of 60 min, 1 point every km traveled, normalizing on an hourly basis.
Points for changes of direction: min of 20 changes with a switch quality = 'Good' ratio. Percentage of the good on total switches and it applied to the score obtained for distance
Long Distance

Hydrofoil Coast to Coast

Event open

Rank Rider Points
#1 SimmoSimmo 214,46
#2 fabriberna 170,27
#3 Flyscher 145,61
#4 nic 130,92
#5 WillCyr1 110,27

Score system
1 point every km traveled plus double km extremity reached
Coast to Coast

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Our mission

Provide a training tool to promote training sessions and competitions everywhere and anytime.
Support event organizers as an extremely powerful scorekeeping software.
With these data we have created different formulas for competition and training.
Choose yours and start competing!
The system is already up and running for snowkiting, hydrofoiling, TTR and Windsurfing.

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What we calculate

- wind direction
- your wind angle through the VMG
- your maneuver, Tack or jybe and how fast you perform it based on speed and success rate
- Top speed detected on a 400-meter stretch on each session you load
- lenght of you session
- average speed
- Ascent
- Extremly points of the track (means how far you can go fro the starting point)
- Area
- External perimeter
Have fun!

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